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Hello everyone, we are Magnesium Ninja Studios. We are an indie game development studio based in Vancouver, BC. We develop games on Game Maker, but we have plans to expand onto other platforms soon. We fully support anyone who wants to make Let’s Plays or content involving our games. In fact, we encourage content creators to send us what you’ve made!

– – – – –

Our members are:

Chris (Klassic):

Chris is the project manager and lead programmer. He programs the games, does shoddy PR work and tries to keep the team in line.

Justin (Tangleworm):

Justin is the team’s lead artist and co-designer. He makes beautiful artwork with a magical computer-pencil and helps create the mechanics of the game.

– – – – –

This site will serve as our hub; a base of operations. We will post development diaries, links to games, and anything else even tangentially related to Magnesium Ninja.

2 thoughts on “About Us

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  2. It would be interesting if there was a method to buy/trade items while “on the go” in your currently in progress game. Some ideas include air manatees or other creatures that would drift in the skies and occasionally come by your ship. These flying beasts would carry a trader/merchant and than the player and the trader can exchange items of value. Item trade might be based on the rarity of the object and it’s price

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