A complete list of every game developed by Magnesium Ninja Studios, from newest to oldest.

Blood Moon


Blood Moon is an action-stealth platformer about a monster forced out of its home during a night-time hunt.

As you make your way through the city, you will learn more about the situation you’ve found yourself in, and what your future holds.

This game was made entirely in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 33, whose theme was “You are the Monster”.

Download link:

Tomorrow’s Horizon


(Currently on hold)

Tomorrow’s Horizon is a game of conflict, discovery and exploration. You play as one of a number of captains, commanding your crew as you cross a stricken world in search of your fate. The game is designed around storytelling; every decision that you make will shape the plot that you and the game are building together.

The Vigilante: Single Shot Justice

The Vigilante: Single Shot Justice is an interactive visual mystery novel made in 72 hours for the 28th Ludum Dare competition. In it, you play as a vigilante who is trying to prevent a murder that she knows is going to happen. The theme of the competition was “You Only Get One”.

Download link:

Relic Romance


Relic Romance is a competitive two-player hotseat arena game in which you and a friend will fight to be the first one to cash three relics in your base. You must employ both strategy and skill in order to outlevel your opponent and become victorious.

Download link:


Ascension is a psychological horror game where you play as Atticus, a grounds keeper who has brought his sick daughter to work on the day of a horrible accident. Separated from her, you must find your way back before something else reaches her first.

Download link:

You Monster

You Monster is a game made in 72 hours (updated to version 2.0 since then) about persuading people to follow you during the day and then consuming them at night.

Download link:

Rainbow Dash!

Rainbow Dash! is a game made for the 3rd GMC Game Jam! In it, you bring the Earth back to life by collecting energy and flying really fast!

Download link:


AFROFARG is a tower defence game in which you use fire turrets to defeat ice enemies and vice versa. There are 3 maps with 40 waves each.

Download link:


Grief is a puzzle platformer in which you switch between optimism and pessimism to solve puzzles. The game is 20 levels long, and will take you from 1 to 1 1/2 hours to complete!

Download link:


Bun-Dun is an arcade game made specifically for the Gamejolt Invention Contest, in which we placed 2nd. The game features an interesting storyline, beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay.

Download link:


Everclimb is a fast-paced frustration platformer in which you must climb through a series of ten floors without dying. There is a total of five stages, each much more difficult than the last. You will die a lot. The game features local highscores for each level.

Download link:


Hue is an arcade game in which you will face an onslaught of coloured waves. You must press a combination of Z X C in order to change colour to match the coming waves, or face death. As time goes on, the waves come faster and in more colours. How long can you last?

Download link:—fun-with-colours

20 thoughts on “Games

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  2. Great games People! Grief has got to be my favorite. Actually stumped in it at the moment but the challenge and atmosphere is excellent. So I will crack it soon enough 🙂

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  5. Discovered you with yesterday in one of theyr video about “Ascension”. I will try it soon, but I already love your games !!

  6. You should add the ability to read the dialogue as long as the player wishes, because personally I’m not a great reader in English because I’m French. The type of the E key to skip the text and the space bar to display the next dialog.

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  9. Ascension is great! Good job people! I waiting for next survival horror game. Like Anonymous up I think you should add the ability to read the dialogue as long as the player wishes, i have sometimes have trouble with read dialogues.
    P.S.I’m from Poland.

  10. ___________________________________________
    ERROR in
    action number 2
    of Step Event
    for object obj_arms:

    In script scr_slowrotate:
    Error in code at line 18:
    pointdir = point_direction(x,y,obj_enemyweakviola.x,obj_enemyweakviola.y-10);
    at position 56: Unknown variable x

    ERROR in
    action number 1
    of Step Event
    for object obj_view:

    Error in code at line 35:
    at position 48: Unknown variable x

    getting thies error 😦 in ascension

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  12. ___________________________________________
    ERROR in
    action number 3
    of Draw Event
    for object obj_lightcontroller:

    Trying to use non-existing surface.

    Plsss make a solution on that problem
    I really wanted to play the game so badly plssssssssss

  13. Ascension is a very good game, but I am at a point where I cannot play any futher because of a bug.
    In the powercircuit room I did’t manage to save Viola. After the game reloaded I was not able to aim withe mouse anymore and after I restarted the game I restarted the game I wasn’t able to jump and Viola was not in the Room anymore.
    It is sad that such major bug prevents me from finishing the game.
    But despite that it is indeed a good game.

  14. Still can’t play.

    ERROR in
    action number 3
    of Draw Event
    for object obj_lightcontroller:

    Trying to use non-existing surface.

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